Our Story

Something Good in 2020!

One of my very favorite things to do is to create something that someone else can enjoy, particularly something that is enjoyed through taste and smell, something that while very practical, feels indulgent. I love the simple pleasures in life and believe each daily task we do can and should be enjoyed to its fullest potential. I love a few really good products that I'll use over and over. I appreciate things in their purest form, as close to how they naturally occur, and how quality food, simply and freshly prepared, will always win over excessive transformations to make it something it wasn't intended to be. I believe in taking the time to do something right, and to do it with love.


As for simple pleasures, coffee is one of my tops. I love the roasting, the grinding, the brewing, the drinking! – the entire process. The start to the day, the simple cup with good conversation, the history it holds for me and for the world. I also love that it's something personal for each coffee lover who brews and drinks it, and I respect that.

After roasting for our family and friends for quite some time, I decided it was time to share beyond- sharing something good in 2020! My vision for Cipher Roasting is to be a source of high quality, small batch, freshly roasted coffee in my local area, bringing something that elevates the simple joy of coffee in each of my customer’s lives. I research, purchase, and test intriguing beans from a variety of single source options, then strive to perfect my roast for each. Roasting is accomplished with a simple set up in a rotisserie steel drum that I run myself, taking care that each 2-5 lb batch roasts just right, beans that are ready to bag and be delivered to happy coffee homes.

And it feels like I am delivering a gift, something practical, but indulgent, to each coffee loving home, so that they too can enjoy the simple pleasure of really good, really fresh coffee.

With love and coffee,


Founder and owner of Cipher Roasting Co.